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Jobey Antique Shop

Some see treasures where others see junk, some contemplate new with old when others throw in the trash without further ado. Some are dreamers, others are pragmatists. Sylvain Jobey belongs to the first category.

A dreamer turned into a second-hand dealer …

From an early age, Sylvain was an explorer and a treasure hunter. He furrowed the dumps to find objects of all kinds and, thanks to an overflowing imagination, to use them to make his own objects: thus, the cradle wheels became those of a kart, according to a logic of recycling and reuse at least avant-garde. With his father, he ridded the houses of these old things which take dust in old boxes piled up at the bottom of the garages, he traversed the sidewalks to search bulky items … Obviously, such a natural passion concealed a vocation of second-hand dealer. And that’s how he found his job!

Welcome to the world of yesterday

It is therefore animated by an inexhaustible energy and an intact wonder at the discovery of old objects that Sylvain is now a professional second-hand dealer. For many years, he has developed his activity with passion as the main driver. Collectors, art lovers, lovers of beautiful things, bargain hunters, nostalgic for the past, curious of all kinds, passionate about vintage or traditional objects … Sylvain’s professionalism seduces … and his catalog too!

Finally, if we have a house or an apartment to clear, Sylvain Jobey will be happy to intervene, for a neat and complete clearance. In short, a real pro!